Amenities & Infrastructure

  • North Central Calgary is home to many families and hard-working citizens who have made Ward 3 their home, but don’t see the same investment as other wards. From improving road ways & pedestrian safety to improving amenity access (parks, recreation, dog parks and transit), I will champion Ward 3’s infrastructure projects.

Transit That Works for Everyone

  • Completion of the Green Line will revolutionize the North, but it will take decades until we have full service. New additions to the Bus Rapid Transit program can help fill the gap. I will fight for improved commute times and mobility for Ward 3.

Services That Make a Difference

  • Services like fire, policing, public transit and affordable housing help keep our communities safe and viable. The physical and social safety net that we’ve created in Calgary matter deeply. I will preserve the services that our citizens deserve, while continually asking how we can deliver more value.

Ward 3 is an amazing place to live. Together, we can make it even better.