Home Court Advantage

  • In the past 5 years, local businesses have faced a disadvantage of high municipal taxation while global companies profit off of Calgary without making their home here or contributing to our city. If we want our local entrepreneurs to succeed and for other businesses to make their headquarters in Calgary, we need to do more than cheer for the home team. 

Cost Sharing & Regional Economic Health

  • It’s no secret that neighbouring towns rely on Calgary for jobs and services-- 47% of Airdrie residents work in Calgary and after Ward 3 residents, they will be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Green Line to the North. This makes regional cost sharing models a huge opportunity for the city especially as they pertain to mutually beneficial projects.

Investing in Ourselves

  • If we want to attract more growth, we have to invest in ourselves. This includes revitalizing our downtown and investing in Ward 3. Collaboration between the public, private and non-profit sector is what built our great city and it’s what will help us revitalize.

There’s no time for blame, let’s get to work.