Tax Fairness & Reform

  • We need tax fairness for all Calgarians. When downtown property values plummeted with oil prices, it meant that our small businesses got decimated by unfairly high taxation. Many businesses were forced to close and this net loss of vibrancy affects us all, even though we don’t live downtown. 
  • I will fight to ensure taxation reform is fair and balances the interests of both the commercial and residential sectors.

Targeted & Impactful Budgeting 

  • The amount of taxes we pay is an important issue, but it’s also about how those dollars are spent, which is why targeted and impactful budgeting matters.

Take our city’s snow clearing efforts. When we fail to prioritize snow clearing, its economic cost is borne by other city services that leads to:  

  • Buses getting stuck (transit inefficiency)
  • Firefighters being unable to get close to homes (compromised public safety)
  • Wear and tear on resident’s vehicles (personal costs to taxpayers)
  • Frontline workers being late for jobs and delivery drivers being less efficient
  • Families & Seniors being unable to safely walk through our streets

Regulatory Flexibility & Simplicity 

  • Our businesses want and need to adapt to changing economic conditions and the city needs to ensure we don’t stifle those efforts. Whether it’s opening a business or putting a suite in your basement, residents and business owners need a simple and flexible regulatory environment. 

Our values aren't in our mission statement, they're in our budget.