As a strong city leader, Jasmine will lead with respect for these principles:



Include Our Citizens

Calgary’s City Council needs to listen to all the voices in our community. We have to do a better job of consulting constituents because you should have more say over the services you want to see in your city.


There’s Only One Taxpayer

Too often, governments lose sight of the fact that there’s really only one taxpayer in the system-- YOU! Instead of blaming, we must pursue value for our citizens by working collaboratively with other sectors and advocating for tax fairness for all Calgarians.



The challenges before Calgary and our ward are far too great to waste time. Effective decision making is timely decision making.


Park the Partisanship

Calgary’s economic recovery requires evidence-based decision making that is informed by constituents and facts. When candidates put politics before policy at the municipal level, it creates problems when we need solutions.