Collaboration between the Public and Private Sector

One of the reasons we became a global economic force in Oil & Gas production was because of extensive collaboration between the public and private sector. We maximize our potential when we work with the private sector to provide timely solutions to local issues. Calgary’s economic recovery will be built on this same spirit of collaboration.


Support For Emerging Industries

Calgary has always been a hub of opportunity-- it’s why so many come here, and we must retain that competitive edge. Calgary is well-positioned to be a hub for Financial Services, Agricultural Business and Technology. We have an environment that’s ripe for investment and a pipeline of talented workers that will move these industries forward. 


A Stable Tax Environment

If we want a thriving city with more jobs and opportunity, we need a stable tax environment. Our citizens and businesses are willing to contribute to common services (i.e. roads, police, fire), but we need predictable and fair taxation levels.


 Recognizing Diversity as Our Strength

The diversity of our people and our ideas is an asset to this city. We must actively work towards inclusion because it makes us better. We can build on our strong values to get Calgary back on its feet.