Why I'm Running

I came to Calgary because this city was the best place to pursue opportunity and start a family. Nearly a decade later, there is still no place I’d rather build my life. I care deeply about Ward 3. I see its beauty, its challenges and its potential. I will champion our transit, infrastructure and recreation needs because I walk these sidewalks, commute on our buses and understand our ward.

But our community is facing critical difficulties that extend far beyond ward boundaries. Our city has yet to overcome the fallout of the economic downturn at a time when technology is rapidly changing how we work, play and interact. While the world transforms around us, cities are left to solve complex problems of the future with blunt tools of the past. We need informed, dynamic leaders who can not only navigate change, but can collaborate with higher orders of government to ensure that we can effectively govern a city of the future.

I decided to run because I care about my community and I believe Ward 3 residents deserve transparent and honest representation. There are trade-offs to every policy decision and as a leader, I commit to listening to your views and priorities.

Now that you know a little about me, I want to hear from you.

Let’s set up a time to chat: [email protected]